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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saigon's Revere Beach

Today I straddled a sixty year old Vietnamese man for hours. It was amasian. Alright I was on the back of a motorbike.  We paid four bikers to take us to the beach early this morning.  We bumped and bounced probably an hour and then rode a fifteen minute ferry and continued biking to our first stop – Monkey Island.  Imagine what you will, but there was no actual island just a mangrove full of monkeys.  Conveniently next to the monkey area was a crocodile farm where I paid fifty cents to buy a snake that was then attached to a fishing line and bamboo pole – CROCODILE FISHING!  It was everything you can imagine and more – dangling a snake in front of a 16 plus foot croc just snapping away at it.  Good wholesome family fun and the closest I will ever get to a dinosaur.  From then on our day was certainly less eventful though nice –we enjoyed barbecued shrimp with rice and vegetables and walked along a rather polluted beach.  Our reuturn trip involved several downpours and some rather sketchy biking through a foot and a half or two feet of water.  Now we are back at our hotel and finally dry watching Batman Forever and a lightning storm out our window.

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  1. You totally cut the snake out of that photo. I was curious.