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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Feelin' Like Future Ringleaders of a Circus in the Jungle: WELCOME TO SIEM REAP

Heresadeal everybody.  I'm sitting on the balcony of The Warehouse restaurant and bar watching the closest and most beautiful lightning storm I've ever seen.  Assuming it doesn't get any closer it may rival any I'll ever see.  The double rainbow just faded (pictures to follow) and somewhere a soft voice is whispering welcome to Siem Reap.

It was nothing short of an ordeal getting here mind you - a Cambodian bus marathon.  The uncomfortable chairs were little to worry about, and the several hours longer trip than expected was..well, expected.  What really got us was the puking.  Apparently Cambodians easily get car-sick because if you did not have headphones on you might as well have been listening to a puke symphony.  At one point I passed Scott a note that said "hold up one finger if the kid is puking and two if the father is":  with little hesitation, Scott, stone-faced, raised three fingers from below his headrest.  A family affair indeed.  I watched the mother spend the next several minutes wiping her face with the bus window curtain at her side.

But we are here.  And little known fact to everyone we've met thus far, be they expat or khmer - here to stay.

I promise there will be picture and videos soon that will do this place justice but for now a brief description of our first day in Siem Reap will have to do.  Slept in (til 8am) and went to check on the dead gecko we found in the bathroom last night - it was gone/being devoured by a rat.  We sprayed him with water until he took off.  Next we had steak salad lunches and played pool til noon.  Obviously we had important things to do as well - $1 straight-razor shaves and Gabe got his earwax extracted with dentist tools.  Then we met up with Trixie, who works for the NGO Globalteer who helps to run the soccer league we will soon be volunteering for.

We have projects already in the works to come soon but if there is something specific you want to learn wassadeal about Cambodia be sure to suggest it in the comments below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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