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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dinner for Schmucks

Yesterday marks a day that will drastically change the remainder of this trip..for the better. The Point System was established.  As Gabe and I stopped to shoot the insanity that is Saigon traffic we lost our accompanying travelers Jordan and Scott.  They actually seemed to have evaporated into thin air but we spent little to no time looking for them knowing finding them would be near impossible. Realizing it was the first time we had been away from them at this point in the trip, we thought ahead to reuniting and trading stories with them and knew we had to come home 'with more points' than they would. We kicked things off early with a point for chocolate mocha and choco-banana milkshakes (respectively) accompanied by spring rolls and onion rings.  After lunch we met some local kids that put us back on the scoreboard again and we will have a video ASAP to explain.  We returned to the hotel in the late afternoon to find Jordan and Scott and made dinner plans.  I recommended the one place that I remembered eating my first time in Saigon for some vietnamese barbecue and we took off in a 75 cent cab ride in the rain.  Bo Tung Xeo restaurant quickly became our favorite place in all of Saigon.  We started with a round of local beer called 333 or "Bah-Bah-Bah" and an order of fried scorpion.  The claws, legs, tail and stinger (edible - subject to manhood) are crisped to perfection but the belly is soft to keep ya guessing.  Next they set a coal barbecue on our table and we chose from an array of meets from kangaroo to rat - we decided upon beef, crocodile, and ostrich.  And then more ostrich - possibly the greatest tasting meat on the face of the earth - especially when cooked inches from your plate by a chopstick wielding waiter named 'Li'. We ended the night with a few more bah-bah-bahs and few games of pool and called it a night.  Points abound and all around.

Again there will be more to come soon - food porn that will have you licking the screen and our very first video webisode.


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