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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Old Market Madness

Cantering In Cambodia

Our time here is coming to an end and besides finishing up another project for Grace House and getting the last of our footy footage we are trying to make the most of our Cambodian adventure.  Gabe has been traveling with his visiting brother for the week but before they left we all went horseback riding.  Just a fifteen minute walk from our house there is a place called Happy Ranch where you can get lessons or go on guided tours.  Although we had each ridden at least once before we were certainly not qualified to just take off on our own – fortunately we were able to fake some credentials to do so. 

I rode a pregnant horse named California aka Miss California.  I was told she had a week left of riding before she’d be taken out of the starting lineup to give birth to little Cali, but that I shouldn’t be afraid to kick her into action. We rode through rice paddies and villages and even at one point a pagoda – monks and children alike waving and yelling “hello!” as we passed through.  At a few points we went through open areas where we got to take our trots to a cowboy canter and fly.  I must admit I could easily have lost control of old California and landed in a ditch somewhere but I held on long enough to ride into the Cambodian sunset that seemed to be timed perfectly with our trek.

Can't say I am not ready to get back to America the beautiful but I really am going to miss this place.  Plan on spending the last few weeks taking photos, hanging with my DVD family (paying for their future son's college tuition through my purchases), and taking in every-asian-thing that I will miss upon my return.  Time here has been nothing short of amasian.  Gotta run - my fried tofu with peanuts, basil, and chilis just arrived alongside my mango and shrimp salad.  Nom. Nom. Nom.