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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Soksobay – Saysobok!

So, it’s pretty hard for me to believe that we haven’t even attempted to share some Cambodian lingo with all of you.  To be honest, maybe we have and I just have not noticed.  It has definitely been true that Miles has been the more diligent proprietor of the blog and I think he has done a damn good job keeping you guys all up to date and interested.  Having gotten that out of the way it is time to let ya’ll know wassadeal with some Cambodia speak.  For starters, you should never call the language ‘Cambodia speak’.  Cambodians are correctly known as the Khmer (pronounced ‘khmai’) and there language is similarly named so.  Since the moment we arrived, we have made a number of Khmer friends who have taken the effort to share the culture and language with us.  In addition, Miles and I were wondering around our neighborhood the other day and about 200 yards from the Honeymoon Palace we stumbled upon a Buddhist Pagoda where 10 monks live.  A monk named Sony invited us back to the Pagoda yesterday for a Khmer lesson and good conversation.  It was a very nice experience.  So, without further ado, here is a list of all the words we have learned thus far that we feel are appropriate to publish to our blog (believe me, Khmer men love teaching us words and phrases that are completely inappropriate to say in 99% of situations – they tend to find it hilarious). 

DISCLAIMER:  I have no idea how the Khmer words are actually supposed to be spelled…

Aukun -  Thank You
Aukun charan – Thank You Very Much
Ate Aukun – No Thank You
Tom – Big
Tud – Small
Tuk Tuk – Taxi
Tac – Water
Song Ha – Handsome
Song Sa – Girlfriend/Boyfriend
At Mien Song Sa – I Had Don’t Have a Girlfriend
Srey – Girl
Pros – Man
Bong Srey/Pros – Older sister/brother
Pon Srey/Pros – Younger Sister/Brother
Bong Som Lach – Sweetheart (male)
Oun Som Lach – Sweetheart (female)
Bong Scro Lach Oun – I Love You
Som Ah Pay Toe – Excuse Me Please
Khnhom Chong Bahn Sutch Muon – I Want Chicken Meat
Kom Pa Khnhom – Don’t Touch Me
Kom Paom – Don’t Fart
Khnhom Pom Mon Yol - I Do Not Understand
Joop Nea Tingui Sayay – See You Tomorrow

And most importantly…
Sok Sobay – Wassadeal
Say Sobok – Deals the What (Khmer people find this hilarious!)

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