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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Angkor Watsadeal?

Wassadeal folks?  Here's a quick blog post to fill you all in on the happening's about Siem Reap (new pictures should be up tomorrow).  The most exciting news around here is that the four of us who all live at the Honeymoon Palace finally went and saw a wonder of the world - Angkor Wat and the other temples of Angkor.  They were incredible, but first a tangent:  we have been debating what to call our Cambodian abode.  It feels weird to call it 'the house' because a) thats not very fun or creative and b) we only occupy the upstairs of the house we live in.  So after much deliberation we settled on Honeymoon Palace.  Once the first ever episode of Cambodian Cribs airs on the net you will understand why we chose the name.  Also Honeymoon (the sweetest 2yr old girl in the world) reigns over the house like a true queen.  But I digress...  Our local friend Fila took us on a personal tour of 6 different temples.  I say personal tour because Fila leads tours of the temples all the time for the tour  company Intrepid.  You should check them out because they lead some pretty cool trips (request Fila).  Fila had his father drive us all around in his Tuk Tuk (Cambodian taxi car attached to a motobike for those who don't know) for the day. Of course, just describing the temples will barely do them justice, but you will have to wait for photos.  (for now see google images: Angkor Watsadeal The temples we visited besides Angkor Wat were Banteay Thom, Angkor Thom, Pre Rup, Ta Prohm (where Tomb Raider was filmed), and Kravan.  We hope to share these with you as best we can with some photos tomorrow and a video sometime down the line.  Love from Siem Reap.

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