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Sunday, March 20, 2011

What A Ride.

The Cambodian Adventure has sadly come to an end.  We will be finishing a final video over the coming weeks (months) that will hopefully embody our experiences with the Siem Reap Junior Soccer League.  We will share it when it is ready, but until then, have a look at for Miles' musings on the world.

Thanks for following our adventure everyone.

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  1. Wow ... I cannot believe it’s all over. You guys are a-Mazing :) I have been following your adventures since December and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading (hahaha ... several times) the blog entries, seeing the awesome and inspiring photos and watching all of the videos. I want to thank you for taking me with you on your journey through Cambodia. I only have one question .... Where are we going next? Lol ... Aukun.