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Saturday, January 8, 2011

It's Gooood For Ya

Wassadeal little children?  Wanted to school ya'll in on whats for dinner out here in Cambodia.  The pictures below perfectly illustrate what you get for 30 cents at the Old Market and for free for volunteering at Trailblazers NGO.  We paid 30 cents for the morning glory (a Khmer favorite out here), garlic, and rice at the Phsa Chas (Old Market); and we got about a kilo of chanterelle mushrooms FO' FREE from Trailblazers.  The NGO is in the midst of doing tests for growing mushrooms out here sustainably so that they can teach the villages who practice subsistence farming.  Plastic bags filled with sawdust soaked in

mushroom spores are hung from bamboo rafters in the shade.  After the bags are misted several times a day, copious amounts of shrooms start exploding out of little holes in the plastic.  We get to measure the yield and then take some home to fry up.  This project has only just begun but pretty soon Khmer villagers in the surrounding region will learn to grow and eat their own gourmet chanterelles.  We cooked the morning glory with tons of garlic, some soy sauce, sugar, and oyster sauce.  If you don't know about oyster sauce - you better axe somebody.  It's the realness.  The mushrooms got cooked in oil and garlic and salt; however, I wish we had some fine olive oil or some butter...  That's not the point though.  I'm gonna break you off with one of Papa Zinn's favorite jokes before we wrap this up:  "Why do toadstools grow in clumps....?  Because there isn't mushroom!"  If you didn't understand that or didn't find it funny, well, that's not really my concern.

Oh yea, and just so everybody knows... The Globalteer Soccer League kicks off tomorrow at 9 in the AM.  It's gonna be big.  Everyone is excited.  Stay tuned for more on the topic in the coming days.

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